Our Team

One of the things we are known for is our up front and honest communication. Dan will always be your first point of contact for your project.

Our clients tell us that they appreciate that Dan always takes the time to introduce them to each of the tradies that will be working on their house, and that he always lets them know who will be on site on what days.

We have a core team of skilled and experienced carpenters and builders who will be allocated to your renovation or extension. You will always have the same team work with your project to ensure the best possible result (and because they take pride and ownership of what they do).

Our sub-contractors

With every renovation, there are a number of specialist sub-contracted tradies who will work on your project.

We are proud of our team of handpicked tradies who have been selected to work with us based on their high quality workmanship, great client communication and their reliability in getting the job done the right way the first time. If ever there is a problem, we know from experience they will jump right on it and fix things without any drama.

When you work with people over many years and projects, you get to know what each other needs and how to get the best out of each other. This deep relationship means our clients experience smoother renovations with less of the bumps and hassles that many renovations are known for.

These are the people we recommend and use on each of our renovations. If you have a preferred other tradie, of course you are welcome to use them.

Cabinet Maker - Callan at CL Kitchens

Callan is a true craftsperson to whom millimetres matter. His kitchen, bathroom and other cabinetwork is always spot on, practical and well designed. He takes the time to get to know you and how your cabinets will be used, which means you always get a highly functional, practical design that just simply works.

Tiler - Lyle at Lyle Todd Tiling

Lyle is one of those tilers who takes exceptional pride in his work (he is also a thoroughly nice bloke and easy to talk with). Each join is smooth. Each cut perfect. Each set out will give you the best possible look.

Plumber - Shane at Millar's Plumbing Service

Shane is a plumber who goes the extra mile to ensure that every pipe and every tap is correctly plumbed. He is on call 24/7 for any problems or emergencies and is our go to person for blocked pipes or drains, and new hot water systems.

Electrician - Ryan from Jesco Electrical

Ryan is our licenced electrical contractor that works on all of our renovations. Electricals are something that have to be done right every single time. There is no margin for error. Ryan is prompt, efficient and gets the job done without fuss.

Plasterer - Kenny at Brisbane Ceilings and Partitions

Kenny is the plaster master. Plastering is one of those trades that if poorly done can turn a high budget project into something that looks cheap. Kenny delivers a premium, smooth finish every time. He can even fix cornices that others can’t repair, which is why we trust him with our plaster work.

Draftsman - Jim at Complete Building Designs & Drafting

Jim is an old school draftsman who captures every essential detail. His designs take into account your needs, your budget, your site, your site’s surroundings and council requirements. He has been in the industry for decades and has amazing expertise on what is possible and how to do things the right way.

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