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Bathrooms should be a space where you can escape for a while from the stresses of the world.

Outdated bathrooms with worn fixtures and cramped cupboards add to your stress levels rather than take them away. Combined shower over bath units create trip hazards and make the room look cluttered.

Bathroom renovations should be more than just a swap over of the fixtures and fittings. A good renovation takes the opportunity to consider the layout and flow of the room and the people who will use the room.

Whether you need a bathroom that caters for aging people with mobility issues, or one that is designed to grow as your young children grow, we can help.

Many of our bathroom renovations totally revamp the floor plan, and reclaim underused cupboard spaces or nearby areas to create open, stunning bathrooms that are easy to maintain.

Our motto is “Anything can be done” so tell us your bathroom dreams and we will work with you to achieve them.

 bathroom renovations brisbaneQuality bathroom renovations from the walls up

We believe in only delivering high quality bathroom renovations that stand the test of time. That’s why every renovation starts with stripping everything back to the stud walls.

Bathrooms tiles and walls can hide numerous flaws. If your pipes are aging or leaking, then you may not always see the water damage. By going back to the studs, we can ensure every pipe and joint is attended to before your new walls and tiles are put in place for decades of worry free use.

Every bathroom is custom built from scratch. That way you can be confident you are getting a unique, premium bathroom that is designed to fit your home.

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