Second Storey Additions

Move up not out - without losing any land.

When you need extra space in your home but don’t want to lose any precious garden area, then adding a second storey or extending a second storey across one-storey parts of your house are great options.

By adding or extending your second storey the kids can finally each have their own bedroom and you can escape to your parent’s retreat when it all gets too noisy.

There will be no more queues for the bathroom because of your extra bathrooms or ensuites, and you can take in the latest blockbuster in your dedicated home theatre. Think of the wonderful new lifestyle you will enjoy!

Many two-family homes opt to add a second storey to give each family independence and privacy, without the hassle of trying to squeeze a granny flat in their already tight backyards.

16119423_sOur experience makes the difference

We are specialists in adding and extending second storeys to Brisbane homes. Our expertise means that most of our second storey additions take just 9-10 weeks (weather permitting).

With our careful planning and years of experience building second storeys, it means that we know how to work around you and your needs. You can remain living in your home while the work goes on above you, which means that you are not forking out for extra rent or trying to find temporary accommodation with relatives during the build.

In addition, with the vast majority of our second storey additions or renovations, you will not need to hire a separate draftsperson as we have the expertise to handle it all in-house. This saves you even more time and money, making moving up a highly cost-effective option!

Raise Up and Build Under

If your home is on stumps and not structurally suited to the addition of a second storey, then we can also raise your property and build under it. This is a more complex renovation and requires working with a draftsperson to take into account the myriad of factors to ensure structural stability combined with building aesthetics.

We work closely with a draftsperson that specialises in designs for raising up and building under homes. He understands the unique challenges that Queenslanders and post-war Brisbane houses can bring, and ensures that every detail is taken into account for your safety and peace of mind.

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Increased space

Get all the space you need without encroaching on your garden.


No extra rent

You don’t have to move out while we are adding or extending a second storey.


Quick & Easy

Have the extra rooms you need within 9-10 weeks.

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